Publications avant 2022

Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
MyD88 Mediates Colitis- and RANKL-Induced Microfold Cell Differentiation
Li, Yang; Yang, Shanshan; Huang, Xin et al.
2021In Veterinary Sciences, 9
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Structure-activity relationships of agonists for the orphan G protein-coupled receptor GPR27
Pillaiyar, Thanigaimalai; Rosato, Francesca; Wozniak, Monika et al.
2021In European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 225, p. 113777
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
DHX15-independent roles for TFIP11 in U6 snRNA modification, U4/U6.U5 tri-snRNP assembly and pre-mRNA splicing fidelity
Duchemin, Amandine ; O'Grady, Tina ; Hanache, Sarah et al.
2021In Nature Communications
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Tetracationic porphyrin derivatives against human breast cancer
Gamelas, Sara; Moura, Nuno; Habraken, Yvette et al.
2021In Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, 222, p. 112258
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
HDAC2 and 7 down-regulation induces senescence in dermal fibroblasts
Warnon, Céline; Bouhjar, Karim; Ninane, Noëlle et al.
2021In Aging, 13, p. 17978-18005
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Analysis of Nucleotide Sequence of Tax, miRNA and LTR of Bovine Leukemia Virus in Cattle with Different Levels of Persistent Lymphocytosis in Russia
Pluta, Aneta; Blazhko, Natalia V.; Ngirande, Charity et al.
2021In Pathogens, 10, p. 246
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
β-arrestin2 recruitment at the β2 adrenergic receptor: a luciferase complementation assay adapted for undergraduate training in pharmacology
Ferraiolo, Mattia; Beckers, Pauline; Marquet, Nicolas et al.
2021In Pharmacology Research and Perspectives, 9 (1)
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
THE CONCISE GUIDE TO PHARMACOLOGY 2021/22: G protein-coupled receptors.
Alexander, Stephen Ph; Christopoulos, Arthur; Davenport, Anthony P. et al.
2021In British Journal of Pharmacology, 178 Suppl 1, p. 27-S156
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Systematic study of liposomes composition towards efficient delivery of plasmid DNA as potential application of dermal fibroblasts targeting
Bellefroid, Coralie ; Reusch, Céline ; Lechanteur, Anna et al.
2021In International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 592, p. 120122
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Activation of DNA Damage Tolerance Pathways May Improve Immunotherapy of Mesothelioma
Brossel, Hélène ; Fontaine, Alexis ; Hoyos, Clotilde et al.
2021In Cancers, 13, p. 3211
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Host PDZ-containing proteins targeted by SARS-CoV-2.
Caillet-Saguy, Célia; Durbesson, Fabien; Rezelj, Veronica V. et al.
2021In FEBS Journal
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Alternative glycosylation controls endoplasmic reticulum dynamics and tubular extension in mammalian cells.
Kerselidou, Despoina ; Dohai, Bushra Saeed; Nelson, David R. et al.
2021In Science Advances, 7 (19)
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Extracellular Vesicle Proteomes Shed Light on the Evolutionary, Interactive, and Functional Divergence of Their Biogenesis Mechanisms.
Lim, Hyobin Julianne; Yoon, Haejin; Kim, Hyeyeon et al.
2021In Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 9, p. 734950
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Inositol-triphosphate 3-kinase B promotes calcium mobilization and the inflammatory activity of dendritic cells.
Marongiu, L; Mingozzi, F; Cigni, C et al.
2021In Science Signaling
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
The 5-phosphatase SHIP2 promotes neutrophil chemotaxis and recruitment.
Michael, Melina; McCormick, Barry; Anderson, Karen E. et al.
2021In Frontiers in Immunology
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Revealing Intrinsic Disorder and Aggregation Properties of the DPF3a Zinc Finger Protein.
Mignon, Julien; Mottet, Denis ; Verrillo, Giulia et al.
2021In ACS Omega, 6 (29), p. 18793-18801
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
The phosphoinositide 5-phosphatase INPP5K: from gene structure to in vivo functions
Schurmans, Stéphane ; Vande Catsyne, Charles-Andrew ; Desmet, Christophe et al.
2021In Advances in Biological Regulation
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
The HTLV-1 viral oncoproteins Tax and HBZ reprogram the cellular mRNA splicing landscape.
Vandermeulen, Charlotte; O'Grady, Tina; Wayet, Jérôme et al.
2021In PLoS Pathogens, 17 (9), p. 1009919
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
bta-miR-23a Regulates the Myogenic Differentiation of Fetal Bovine Skeletal Muscle-Derived Progenitor Cells by Targeting MDFIC Gene
Hu, Xin; Xing, Yishen; Ren, Ling et al.
2020In Genes, 20, p. 1232
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Effects of Naturally Occurring Mutations in Bovine Leukemia Virus 50 -LTR and Tax Gene on Viral Transcriptional Activity
Pluta, Aneta; Willems, Luc ; Douville, Renée N. et al.
2020In Pathogens, 9 (10), p. 836
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
GPR101 drives growth hormone hypersecretion and gigantism in mice via constitutive activation of Gs and Gq/11
Abboud, Dayana ; Daly, Adrian ; Dupuis, Nadine et al.
2020In Nature Communications, 11 (1), p. 4752
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Non-cytotoxic 1,2,3-triazole tethered fused heterocyclic ring derivatives display Tax protein inhibition and impair HTLV-1 infected cells
dos Santos, Daiane Fernanda; Bairros de Pilger, Denise Regina; Vandermeulen, Charlotte et al.
2020In Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, 28, p. 115746
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
The X-linked trichothiodystrophy-causing gene RNF113A links the spliceosome to cell survival upon DNA damage
Shostak, Kateryna ; Jiang, Zheshen ; CHARLOTEAUX, Benoit et al.
2020In Nature Communications, 11 (1)
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
The ciliary phosphatidylinositol phosphatase Inpp5e plays positive and negative regulatory roles in Shh signaling
Constable, Sandii; Long, Alyssa B.; Floyd, Katharine A. et al.
2020In Development
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Epigenetic silencing of HTLV-1 expression by the HBZ RNA through interference with the basal transcription machinery
Gazon, Hélène ; Singh Chauhan, Pradeep; Porquet, Florent et al.
2020In Blood Advances, 4 (21), p. 5574-5579
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Nouvelles cibles et perspectives thérapeutiques. Vers une médecine de précision.
Hanson, Julien
2020In Revue Médicale de Liège, 75 (5-6), p. 460-465
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
A reference map of the human binary protein interactome.
Luck, Katja; Kim, Dae-Kyum; Lambourne, Luke et al.
2020In Nature, 580 (7803), p. 402-408
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Overexpression of SH2-containing inositol phosphatase contributes to chronic lymphocytic leukemia survival
Pal Singh, Simar; de Bruijn, Marjolein J. W.; Velaso Gago da Graça, Catarina et al.
2020In Journal of Immunology, 204, p. 360-374
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Ablation of non-coding RNAs affects bovine leukemia virus B lymphocyte proliferation and abrogates oncogenesis
Safari, Roghaiyeh ; Jacques, Jean-Rock ; Brostaux, Yves et al.
2020In PLoS Pathogens, 16
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
ORF Capture-Seq as a versatile method for targeted identification of full-length isoforms
Sheynkman, G. M.; Tuttle, K. S.; Laval, Florent et al.
2020In Nature Communications, 11 (1)
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
TGFα Promotes Chemoresistance of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma
Staumont, Bernard ; Jamakhani, Majeed ; Costa, Chrisostome et al.
2020In Cancers, 12 (6), p. 1484
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Altered chondrocyte differentiation, matrix mineralization and MEK-Erk1/2 signaling in an INPPL1 catalytic knock-out mouse model of opsismodysplasia
Vande Catsyne, Charles-Andrew ; Sayyed, Sufyan Ali ; Molina Ortiz, Patricia et al.
2020In Advances in Biological Regulation, 76, p. 100651
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
In vitro skin penetration enchancement techniques: a combined approach of ethosomes and microneedles
Bellefroid, Coralie ; Lechanteur, Anna ; Evrard, Brigitte et al.
2019In International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 572
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
THE CONCISE GUIDE TO PHARMACOLOGY 2019/20: G protein-coupled receptors
Alexander; Christopoulos, A; Davenport, AP et al.
2019In British Journal of Pharmacology, 176 (Suppl 1), p. 21-S141
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Bta-miR-24-3p Controls the Myogenic Differentiation and Proliferation of Fetal, Bovine, Skeletal Muscle-Derived Progenitor Cells by Targeting ACVR1B
Hu, Xin; Xing, Yishen; Ren, Ling et al.
2019In Animals
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
The Distinct Roles of CXCR3 Variants and Their Ligands in the Tumor Microenvironment
Reynders, Nathan; Abboud, Dayana ; Baragli, Alexandra et al.
2019In Cells, 8 (6)
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Astin C production by the endophytic fungus Cyanodermella asteris in planktonic and immobilized culture conditions
Vassaux, Antoine ; Tarayre, Cédric; Arguelles Arias, Anthony et al.
2019In Biotechnology Journal
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Saturated fatty acids induce NLRP3 activation in human macrophages through K+ efflux resulting from phospholipid saturation and Na, K-ATPase disruption
Gianfrancesco, Marco ; Dehairs, Jonas; L'homme, Laurent et al.
2019In BBA - Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids, 1864, p. 1017–1030
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
A dynamic and screening-compatible nanoluciferase-based complementation assay enables profiling of individual GPCR-G protein interactions
Laschet, Céline ; Dupuis, Nadine; Hanson, Julien
2019In Journal of Biological Chemistry, 294 (11), p. 4079-4090
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
BLV: lessons on vaccine development
Abdala, Alejandro; Alvarez, Irene; Brossel, Hélène et al.
2019In Retrovirology, 2019 (16), p. 26
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Maximizing binary interactome mapping with a minimal number of assays.
Choi, Soon Gang; Olivet, Julien ; Cassonnet, Patricia et al.
2019In Nature Communications, 10 (1), p. 3907
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Primary Cilia Signaling Promotes Axonal Tract Development and Is Disrupted in Joubert Syndrome-Related Disorders Models
Guo, Jiami; Otis, James M.; Suciu, Sarah K. et al.
2019In Developmental Cell, 51, p. 759-774
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Inhibition of EZH2 methyltransferase decreases immunoediting of mesothelioma cells by autologous macrophages through a PD-1-dependent mechanism.
Hamaïdia, Malik ; Gazon, Hélène ; Hoyos, Clotilde et al.
2019In JCI Insight, 4 (18), p. 128474
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Human colon cancer cells highly express myoferlin to maintain a fit mitochondrial network and escape p53-driven apoptosis.
Rademaker, Gilles ; Costanza, Brunella ; Bellier, Justine et al.
2019In Oncogenesis
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Dephosphorylation of HDAC4 by PP2A-Bdelta unravels a new role for the HDAC4/MEF2 axis in myoblast fusion.
Veloso, Alexandra; Martin, Maud; Bruyr, Jonathan et al.
2019In Cell death & disease, 10 (7), p. 512
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Genomic sequence and virulence of a novel NADC30-like porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus isolate from the Hebei province of China
Xiukun, Sui; Xiaoyu, Guo; Hong, Jia et al.
2018In Microbial Pathogenesis, 125, p. 349-360
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
The causes and consequences of pituitary gigantism
Beckers, Albert ; PETROSSIANS, Patrick ; Hanson, Julien et al.
2018In Nature Reviews. Endocrinology, 14, p. 705-720
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Varicella Zoster Virus ORF9p binding to cellular adaptor protein complex-1 is important for viral infectivity.
Lebrun, Marielle ; Lambert, Julien ; Riva, Laura et al.
2018In Journal of Virology, 92 (15)
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Interlaboratory Comparison of Six Real-Time PCR Assays for Detection of Bovine Leukemia Virus Proviral DNA
Jaworski, J. P.; Pluta, A.; Rola-Łuszczak, M. et al.
2018In Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 56 (7)
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
The G Protein-Coupled Receptors Deorphanization Landscape
Laschet, Céline ; Dupuis, Nadine; Hanson, Julien
2018In Biochemical Pharmacology, 153, p. 62-74